All Adult. All Furniture.
Spicy is an all new event coming to Second Life in January 2020.

Yes, we know that you've been to the other adult events. And we know that it may seem like Spicy is just another event cluttering up the attention of SL.

It's not.

The center of "adult" living in Second Life is furniture. You depend on it for context, for the setting of your sexual play. You depend on the animations for the visuals you need. As vital as the best emoting can be, the presence of good adult furniture moves your experience out of the realm of interactive erotica and into the immersive experience only a virtual world can have. It takes it out of the chat room and into the bedroom.

Spicy brings you the best of SL's adult furniture market, gathered in one place and with more variety than you have ever experienced before. Instead of furniture being shuttled off to a demo platform, Spicy brings it front and center. Rather than representing a small percentage of booths amidst a collection of fashion, accessories, tattoos, and avatar parts, Spicy gives you all adult furniture all the time.

Mark your calendars, because Spicy will be too hot to be missed! Round 1 (full list of designers below) will launch on January 10, 2020.

We are immensely grateful for the following brands who are sponsoring the inaugural round of Spicy!
Milena Doll
Serendipity Designs
Smooching Serpents
Designers: Spicy is by invitation only. We would be glad to have you on our radar, however, as we consider future rounds. If you would like to be considered for a future round of Spicy, please complete the application at this link: